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January 20th - March / Opening Ceremony - Friday February 6th 5:00 - 7:00 PM

I love beer, you love beer, Keith Tatarczuk loves beer. That love of beer has led many a men and women to do some truly memorable things. Perhaps not memorable to themselves, but certainly for their friends.

In that same way his passion for craft beer led Keith to join the rising tide that is the craft beer movement. However we did not all pursue industrial fermentation as our college degree. Or even do overly well in high school science. Some of us were art majors. But we are passionate all the same. So, hoping to leave his mark on the world of craft beer he loves so much Keith did just about the only thing he knew how to do with any certainty. He drew a picture of it. Actually he drew a couple of pictures. Thus the DRINKcraft gallery show was born, or rather crafted. DRINKcraft is a project exploring the art of craft beer through art crafted to celebrate and depict beer and its craft. In its debut showcase at the Magic Hat Artifactory Keith Tatarczuk (former employee of the Artifactory) brings to the DRINKcraft label his unique artistic style. Favoring graphite and charcoal he has recently branched out into water colors and some other mixed medias. This broadened range of mediums is likely fueled by Keith’s rather rampant ADHD. It is difficult to trace many influences in his work as he is terrible at studying and knows little about history.

Best viewed whilst drinking a beer.

Also on view alongside the DRINKcraft gallery is Keith’s first gallery production. A rather disturbing series of illustrations that were initially meant as anatomy studies and turned into something else.

The pieces could be viewed as the artist’s version of doodles, repeating anatomical parts just as one would repeat a series of learned patterns. As of yet this second gallery remains unnamed.

Adam Vindigni

April - May

I am an artist from New Jersey, living in Burlington, Vermont. At 21 years old my buddies and I founded Powe. Snowboards. The company is an extension of myself in that all the graphics are limited edition prints of my artwork.

My passion for both snowboarding and art making have come together to produce my best work yet. I have been heavily involved in the arts for the past 8 years and my inspiration comes daily with my encounters both physically and mentally. My focuses are drawing with graphite, and graphic design, while some photography and other mediums have also worked their way into my life. Email. Instagram - AdamVindigniArt

About The Space

The Magic Hat ArtSpace was introduced in 2012 on the Artifactory tour ramp and showcases local artists and their work. Selected artists will typically be featured for two month. When a new artist is chosen, we will hold a reception on the first Friday of that month to coincide with Art Map Burlington’s First Friday Art Walk. All of the artwork displayed in this space can be purchased directly from the artists.

If you are interested in showing your work at the ArtSpace email Dani.Gleason@MagicHat.Net.


Magic Hat Artifactory is located at 5 Bartlett Bay Road, South Burlington VT.

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