Steven Sour Bottle

Steven Sour

Sour to the Bitter End

In celebration of the Vermont Pub & Brewery’s 25th anniversary, we’ve teamed up for a most sour collaborative experience. Expecting to be puckering up for congratulatory embrace are VPB’s Steve Polewacyk and Brewmaster Russ FitzPatrick along with Magic Hat Head Brewer Chris Rockwood, who created a Sour IPA, dubbed Steven Sour.

This sour, bitter, tantalizingly tart ale is brewed with Apollo, Bravo and Cascade hops along with a healthy addition of passion fruit juice. The result is 85 IBUs of Sour IPA, beautifully balanced with a big hop bite battling for supremacy against a tart passion fruit tingle.

Malts: Marris Otter, Wheat, Crystal 20L
Hops: Apollo, Bravo, Cascade
Dry Hopped: Cascade
Additions: Passion Fruit Juice




Vermont Pub & Brewery - Celebrating 25 Years

Twenty-Five years ago, Greg Noonan and his wife, Nancy, opened The Vermont Pub & Brewery of Burlington, Vermont on a chilly November day in 1988. The late, legendary, craft brewing pioneer, author and innovator, Greg Noonan, paved the way by creating legislation to allow on-premise consumption of craft beer in Vermont. Vermont's original Brew Pub had the pleasure to introduce a variety of freshly-brewed beers to the residents and visitors of northern Vermont.

Today, VPB enjoys the continued success of its original enterprise and remains an anchor in the craft beer industry segment. This November, the Vermont Pub & Brewery will celebrate its 25th year in business with a variety of festivities including offering many vintage brews stored away deep in the VPB cellars and specialty brews such as VPB’s collaborative creation with Magic Hat - Steven Sour.

Available November
22oz Bottles, Draft

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