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The information age has a sound. Revolutionary technology meets a revolutionary message in Papadosio. Melding progressive rock with psychedelia, folk with electronica, and dance music with jam, the quintet has amassed a dedicated following of thousands of likeminded individuals sowing the seeds of unity and spreading the sounds of exaltation. Singer-songwriter Anthony Thogmartin’s visionary lyrics, eclectic production, and signature guitar work are anchored by the rock solid battery of drummer Mike Healy and bassist Rob McConnell. The quintet is rounded out by brothers Billy and Sam Brouse, whose virtuosic two-headed keyboard, synth, and programming attack give the band its unmistakable complexity and intensity. Born in the burgeoning, artistic city of Athens, OH, the quintet now calls another creative community, Asheville, NC its home.

Spiritual Rez

The Spiritual Rez reggae-ska-rock dance experience is an unabashed display of riveting showmanship. This Boston-based sextet was once described by legendary Tampa, FL venue Skipper’s Smokehouse as having “the ferocious live energy and bombast of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and P-Funk” blended with the their own signature “chill island grooves” and “raucous, urban tribal vibes.” Spiritual Rez’s infectious live shows feature powerful, heartfelt vocalization and interactive engagement with the audience, all fueled by deep, sub-sonic grooves, horny brass and the musical virtuosity of the players. Founded eight years ago by the core rhythm section when they were at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, Spiritual Rez started off as a party band and evolved into a festival favorite over their last 5 years of extensive touring.


Bursting out of the college party scene and onto dance floors across New England, Serotheft is quickly making a name for themselves playing sold out shows from their hometown of Burlington, VT to Boston, MA. With their unique blend of electronic, jam, and funk influences, Serotheft is a band on the rise. Now consisting of Devin Atcherley (drums), Ted Kenney (Guitar, Vocals), Derek Rice (Keys, Vocals), and Alex Greene (Bass), Serotheft originally began at St. Michaels College in the fall of 2009. During this time the band acted as a regular staple of the St. Mike’s and Burlington party scenes. Garnering attention from stories of their late night, laser filled parties, they began to gain a reputation. After searching for their sound and experimenting with styles, the band found it’s focus and niche. This direction came with the addition of Derek on the keys, rounding out the bands sound as a powerhouse of energy, delivering a unique balance of the individual members’ musical influences.


What began as a Body Art Revolution in Vermont is now a nationally known creative performance duo consisting of DJ Frank Grymes and Live Body Painting Artist Kadina Dinash plus guest models/performers. Body Paint Artist Dinash captivates your imagination through visual art on a live canvas, with her partner DJ Frank Grymes plays a gritty mix of House, Dub, Fidget, deep saw-tooth, hip-hop, well selected dubstep, & other electronic dance music

Schadenfreude Circus - Vermont's Strangest Couple!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Step right up! Come witness the most fascinating show with strange sideshow sights scarcely seen for decades. Astounding feats and amazing oddities! Sword swallowing, fire eating, extreme physical stunts, escapes, and so much more! No tricks, no illusions; performing feats of human endurance and curiosities! Lazlo and Lady Riggy will astound you with their perfect blend of old-school Sideshow and new-school shenanigans...with many twists in-between! Their magnificent and macabre acts might excite you...might offend you...but we promise you will remember us for the rest of your life.


Burlington Vermont's own samba street band is guaranteed to get you on your feet and moving to its pulsating carnaval rhythms. The huge sound of 20+ drummers playing our contagious brand of Afro-Brazilian percussion is irresistable to people of all ages.

Matthew Thorsen

FREE photo booth featuring Burlington’s favorite local photographer - Matthew Thorsen

Matt is a 20 year burlington based photographer with over 5,000 published photos about vermonters. He has won 4 readers choice awards for Burlington's 'best visual artist' by 'Seven Days's paper and multiple awards from the assoc. of alt. news weekly's. He even received White House press clearance to photograph the President during his visit to Burlington last year and worked extensively with Bernie Sanders during his historic election to senate. 50 gallery and private exhibits including 2 constantly changing year round exhibits. Matt lives and works out of his landmark outdoor gallery and studio compound in the heart of downtown burlington. He has travelled extensively and been fortunate to photograph VT's most interesting people and places. Matt published a book last year about musicians and will finish two more photo books by the end of 2013. 802-318-3056 |

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