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Baco Noir

Beer / Wine Hybrid - 8.2%

A collaboration with Snow Farm Vineyard & Winery. A rich stout base with Baco Noir grape must added for deep tones of prunes, raisins, currants and cherry. Belgian Abbey yeast


Beer / Wine Hybrid - 6%

A collaboration with Fisher Brothers Farm. A hybrid with Marquette grapes, featuring an upfront aroma of sangria opening up to flavors of blackberry and blueberry. Pleasantly tart sour cherry notes and Belgian Abbey yeast characters.

Bordeaux Barrel-aged Elderberry Saison

Saison - 6%

Brewed with elderberry juice from Fisher Bros. Farm, this saison was set in barrels earlier this year. Deep red and pleasantly tart with wonderful pineapple ester aromas. Complex flavors of licorice, black cherry, plum and blueberry from its time in the Bordeaux barrel.

Past Beers

Petite Pearl

Beer / Wine Hybrid - 9.4%

This wine-beer hybrid blends red grape must from Shelburne Vineyard with a spicy rye and wheat wort. It has an off-dry sweetness balanced against barely-there tannins, noble hops and mild grape acidity. Fermented with our brewery manager’s proprietary wine yeast from the Front Range of Colorado and finished with our house ale yeast.


Beer / Wine Hybrid - 8.6%

This wine-beer hybrid features white grape must from Snow Farm Vineyards co-fermented with a wort using American hops for big pineapple flavor and aroma. Bright and fruity, this hybrid supplies a bright stone fruit acidity from the Vignoles grape.

Kittens On Parade

Double IPA - 8.2%

A dank Double IPA that purrs with huge hop notes of citrus rind, pine, and grapefruit.

Tripel Chair

Belgian Tripel - 9.1%

Inspired by our classic Single Chair golden ale, this small-batch spin features big Belgian yeast esters and a mild phenolic spice. Noble hops add a lemony citrus character to its medium body.

Mad Pater

Belgian Patersbier - 4.1%

Our take on a traditional patersbier, brewed with rosemary to complement the fruity Belgian yeast esters and phenolic character.

Mad Pater is now available in cans!


Extra Special Bitter - 5.6%

An Extra Special Bitter with a mild malt sweetness not to be outdone by its floral, spicy hop aromas and flavors and a firm hop bitterness.

Fancy Grade

Maple Doppelbock - 7.8%

A full-bodied doppelbock, deep-amber in color, with subtly sweet notes of Vermont maple syrup and malty hints of toast, biscuit and caramel.

Fancy Grade is now available in cans!

Local Rocker

Saison - 6.4%

A farmhouse saison with floral, peppery and light citrus notes preceding a deliciously dry finish.

Local Rocker is now available in cans!

Laughing Stock

Double IPA - 8.4%

A juicy, modern Double IPA with huge citrusy and fruity hop notes from start to finish.

Laughing Stock is now available in cans!

Taken For Granite

American IPA - 6.6%

A juicy American IPA with big hop notes of grapefruit, orange and pine balanced with a smooth, yet subtle, malt backing.

Taken For Granite is now available in cans!

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