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Wee Heavy Champ Bottle & Pint

Wee Heavy Champ

Catch Him If You Can

Just to the west of Burlington lie the majestic waters of Lake Champlain. A diverse population of creatures resides in and around her shores, including the mythical lake monster Champ. This Scotch Ale, or Wee Heavy as the Scots say, is brewed in celebration of Lake Champlain, all of its inhabitants, and the legend of Champ himself. Catch him if you can.

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Wee Heavy Champ Stats

  • 8.0%/abv

  • 30ibu

  • 35srm

A rich, robust, yet smooth, malt character rises to the surface where notes of caramel, chocolate and wheat can be discovered. A light addition of hops is present for balance in this big, complex and soon-to-be legendary brew.

Available February
Draft, 4-Pack Bottles

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Brewed for the love of the lake

Wee Heavy Champ is a beer brewed with Lake Champlain in mind. We’ve teamed up with the Lake Champlain Committee to help protect our lake’s environmental integrity and recreational resources for this and future generations.

We’ve made a donation of $5,000 toward the Committee’s efforts and will further help them with numerous volunteer efforts throughout the year. We humbly encourage all who can to be a Champ and help us protect Lake Champlain. To learn more about LCC, please visit

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