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Winter Mingle Bottle & Pint

Winter Mingle

A merry mingling of malt and mirth

Winter Mingle is a Stout with Vanilla, stitched together from dark liquid layers. Perplexingly complex, this beer is both roasty bitter and vanilla sweet, offering the imbiber a stylish, liquid compliment to their favorite ugly sweater. At your next winter gathering, mingle with confidence, because if you’re going to look that bad, your beer should be great.

A Full bodied stout whose malts mingle with a touch of vanilla.

Brewed with Pale, Caramel 80, Chocolate, Munich, Roasted Barley Malts, Apollo, Goldings Hops, with a touch of Tahitian Vanilla.

  • 5.8%/abv

  • 30ibu

  • 83srm

Available November - January
6-Packs, 12-Packs, Draft

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Splendor and glory are YOURS
if you can answer one riddle ...

When Were You Born?