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So You Want To
Work For Beer?

The Magic Hat Brewing Company is the place where the best beer on this or any other planet is summoned from the luminiferous ether.

In order to accomplish that vital and most urgent task, we’re always hunting the great mass of humanity for those few rare persons who have what it takes to make the ale that takes things further. That means those individuals who are highly motivated to enter into a long-term relationship with grain and spore, and who are enthusiastic about that prospect to the point of constant helpless giggling. That means people who not only think outside the box, but have taken the box out behind the barn, pounded it to splinters with a blunt yard implement, doused what’s left in gasoline, and torched the whole thing in an incendiary blaze of non-conformist glory. That means people who will dance to their own drummer while grooving to our company’s own unique communal beat. That means people who won’t mind working hard, playing hard and committing to both with equal zeal.

At Magic Hat, we believe in promoting from within and turning personal ambitions into professional reality. We believe in a work environment that celebrates individuality, humor, self-expression, profound universal mystery, unbridled artistic manifestations of every kind, and also St. Swithin’s Day. We believe in supporting our community, each other, and the elemental forces of nature. We believe that the ideal employee is self-sufficient, self-motivated, open-minded, open-hearted, flexible to the point of fluidity, and someone who can think fast and move faster. And we believe that when you mix water with grains, let loose the yeasts, and have the wisdom and patience to leave the whole thing alone in the dark for awhile extraordinary things will happen.

Check out the current job openings and apply if a specific job is calling your name. At this time, we can't accept un-solicited resumes.....but keep checking back, someday soon there may be a job for you!

And remember…. Ask not for whom the beer tolls. It tolls for thee.

The Fine Print: We are an equal-opportunity employer offering competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package to qualified employees. Magic Hat does not employ sentient beings from alternative dimensions or people with bad attitudes. We accept gifts of single malt scotch, cakes and pies, anomalous objets d’art and other curiosities, unusual outerwear, artifacts from ancient civilizations, and fresh bagels (please no garlic). Acceptance of said offerings does not imply nor promise enhanced consideration and/or eventual hiring. We just like gifts.

For our secrets to be told,
you must be at least 21 years old.

( psst, Are you at least 21 years or older? )

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