Sour #9 Can
Sour #9 Can

Sour #9

Foeder Aged Sour with Apricots

Sour #9 is a perfect, pucker-inducing balance of both breweries. Gentle sour apple aromas lead the way into stone fruit, citrus and red currant before a taste bud-clenching sourness takes hold, thereby revealing the classic, subtly sweet mysteries of #9.

  • 5.6


A little more about Sour #9

Our funky new collaboration featuring our flagship, #9. Together with Brattleboro, VT, sour sages, Hermit Thrush Brewery, we have created another first in the craft beer world – Sour #9 – an extremely limited-edition collaboration that will celebrate the 25th anniversary of #9.

Sour #9 is Available on Draft and in 16oz cans

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