Magic Hat has always stood for inclusion and for finding ways that unite us all, be it through beer, music, visual arts or anything else. At a time like this, we must keep our eyes and ears open, and our minds welcome to the immense challenges we face as a country and as citizens of the global community.

Conversations about the inherent racism in the United States must be had, and we must listen to those who have first-hand experience with injustice and atrocity based on the color of their skin. Black Lives Matter. If we can’t seek the knowledge and practice empathy in order to understand and accept this, we are doing our communities, our country and our world the gravest disservice.

Talking about and understanding the history behind these issues is challenging and often scary. But we must not hide in our fear and use it to divide and seclude. Fear is a tool we can use for positivity once we acknowledge it and turn it on itself.

We don’t have the answers, but we’re committed to helping find them, no matter how long it takes. While we work to get to a place where we can all call each other brother and sister, we will actively support our Black coworkers, family, friends, customers, partners and communities with open hearts, open arms and open minds.

Because talk without action is cheap, we’ve made donations to both the NAACP and Justice for All Vermont. We encourage you to seek out charities that support Black and minority communities and to contribute to them if you can. ♥

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Bartlett Bay Can

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Bartlett Bay

This liquid vacation balances the sweet with the sour, creating a fiesta of flavors from orange to lime to nectarine, with a little salt for good measure.

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