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The idea of Magic Hat began where so many good ideas before it began: in a bathtub. This bathtub, located on the Goddard College campus and devoid of a plaque of recognition, is where Bob Johnson brewed his first batch of beer. After years of honing his craft, Bob was finally ready for the big time. Soon after he realized his readiness, he re-met Alan Newman, a serial entrepreneur with whom Bob had worked in a past life. Bob told Alan of his plans and before a handshake could take place, the two were jet-setting to the West Coast for research.

Upon their return to Burlington, Bob and Alan began their search for a space to call their own. That search landed them in an abandoned factory on Flynn Avenue in Burlington’s South End, where Bob would finally brew Bob’s First, Magic Hat’s debut ale and, soon after, the first batches of #9, Fat Angel and Blind Faith.

Embedded in our DNA is a deep love for the arts, placed there by our employees and neighbors in Burlington and beyond. From our beers to our labels to our in-house bands, everything we do is inspired by sight and sound and the magnificent melodiousness contained therein. Our true intent is all for your delight.

Magic Hat is a Triple Bottom Line company, meaning our success as a business is judged not just on profit, but on people and the planet as well. Throughout our history, we’ve been stewards of our community and the environment, giving back time and money whenever we can. Throughout the years, we’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local non-profits and have volunteered thousands of hours cleaning up the Burlington area, serving neighbors in need and making sure Lake Champlain remains clean and accessible to everyone.

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