Questions? Curiousities? Concernities?

Are Your Beers Gluten Free?
No. None of our current beers are gluten free. If you have a gluten allergy, or suspect you do, you should talk to your doctor.

Got a Beef with Your Beer?
We take the quality of our beers VERY seriously. We also take your happiness VERY seriously. If you have an issue or concern with one of our brands, we want to hear about it. Visit our Feedback page and provide us with some information about your purchase and what the issue is, and we’ll be in touch.

Where Can I Find Nutritional Info on your Beers?
If you’re wicked worried about calories and such over the great taste, body and feel of Magic Hat brews, we’ll tell you what the facts are. But we’re going to make you work for it. Here’s what you should do, Ask Us.

The significance of #9 is that it is far better than numbers 1 through 8. #2 was a Bamboo Wit, #5 a Grape Dubbel, #8 a Rainforest Nut Lager. They did not sell well. Why? It’s a mystery to us! No one really knows the significance of the mysterious #9. Not even its creator.

Free Kegs?
A popular urban legend these days is that Magic Hat will give you a free keg of our sweet, sweet nectar if you show up at our brewery with a gallon of pull tabs from cans. We have one word (and an exclamation point) with regards to this rumor - ERRONEOUS! Should you bring in said gallon of pull tabs, several things may happen, including, but not limited to, looks of pity, looks of confusion, looks of admiration. Why admiration? Well, you obviously went to great lengths to acquire all these tabs.

Can I Get Magic Hat in _________ ?
We’re currently pleasing palates across the country. We’re working hard to get to those of you deprived of one of the best tasting beers on the planet. Sit tight, friends. If you think we’re near, consult The Sipcode Locator® . Feed it your zip code, rub its belly and be shown the way to our beer.

Can I order Magic Hat over the internet?
Unfortunately, we can’t sell beer over the Internet, or the phone for that matter. You’ll have to find an establishment that sells our products. It would be nice to eliminate the middle man, but it’s legally impossible… To find out where we are, visit our state-of-the-art Sipcode Locator®

What Does “May Your Ferndocks Always Be Krenzled” Mean?
A ferndock is a piece of fuzz. Krenzling your ferndocks is cleaning the fuzz off your sweater. Or wait, maybe a ferndock is an eyebrow and krenzling happens when you get too close to the wood stove. Actually, I think “ferndock” refers to Form 1040-EZ and krenzling is the act of mailing it in at exactly 11:59pm on Tuesday April 15th. Or…

Is Your Beer Safe for Vegans?
YES! Our beers contain no meats or dairy products. Hard to believe with all that taste! Seriously, though, a lot of breweries use isinglass, or fish bladders, to accelerate the clarification of beer. We use a process that eliminates the need to use a clarifying agent.