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Magic Hat Presents

Mardi Gras 2019

March 29th - March 30th

About Magic Hat Mardi Gras

Join a warming swarm of raucous revelers in Burlington, Vermont for a weekend of bountiful bacchanalia and splendiferous philanthropy! The 24th annual Magic Hat Mardi Gras Weekend takes place March 29th through March 31st. All festivities this year will be held on Church Street from 1:30pm - 7pm, See Schedule Below

The icy avenues of downtown Burlington will momentarily melt to accommodate all comers, new and old, from here and afar. The Magic Hat Mardi Gras spreads its warming arms over two full days, and we urge you to come and experience everything Mardi Gras and Burlington have to offer. You can’t possibly experience the Burlington area’s entire splendor in just two days, so feel free to spend the entire week!


Brass Balagan

A radical street band from Burlington, Vermont!

Big Nazo

BIG NAZO is an international performance group of visual artists, puppet performers, and masked musicians who unite to create bizarre and hilarious larger-than-life sized characters, environments, and spectacles.

Renegade circus family contortionists, a rowdy rodeo horse, a giant three-eyed robot percussionist, break-dancing police officers, Mountain Trolls, blob-like GO-GO Dancers, a charismatic lab rat and his giant man-eating chia pet are just a few of the characters, environments, and spectacles that create an irreverent musical Commedia full of irresolvable conflict, ridiculous dancing and an epic battle with the forces of chaos.

Derek Derek

Derek McAlister AKA Derek Derek AKA Fuzzyjuggler on Instagram traveled the globe developing his craft for over a decade! He's a university graduate (UT Austin) who loved language and travel and got lucky enough to find a way to see the world all while sharing a laugh with audiences from all walks of life! He's studied with some of the best in circus, red nose clown, and physical theater recently relocating to Los Angeles to further his abilities as a performer and actor!"

El Gleno Grande

Glenn Singer was born in the year of Sputnik into the home of a rocket scientist, and subsequently raised by dwarves. No matter what humble circumstances he found himself in throughout his childhood, Glenn was never at a loss to use his towering intellect to achieve small things in magnificent ways.

Invited to leave private school on his first day in grade one, Singer embarked on a scholastic career that surprised no one. Having reached the age of consent with no convictions, Glenn decided to go into Theatre. On the way he was sidetracked by a street performance and it still shows.

"I've always liked the circus. I loved the clowns, although I couldn't help feeling sorry for the animals. So now I put on a real live wild animal act, only funnier." Sight gags, optical illusions, audience involvement. Everything you need to have a good hard laugh. Don't miss El Gleno Grande.

Jeremy Holm

Jeremy Holm is best known for portraying 'Nathan Green' on the Golden Globe© nominated Netflix series "House of Cards" and as 'Mr. Sutherland' on the Golden Globe© winning USA series "Mr.Robot."

Jeremy was raised in the Rocky Mountains where he received a B.A. from Colorado State University, and later earned an M.F.A from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Since then, he has performed onstage at BAM, Cherry Lane Theatre and Mint Theatre in New York City, internationally at The Shanghai Theatre Center in China, and in major regional houses like Arena Stage, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Clarence Brown Theatre, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis and The Cleveland Play House to name a few.

He has appeared on multiple television shows including "The Code" (CBS), "Deception" (ABC), "Blue Bloods" (CBS), "Limitless" (CBS) "The Blacklist" (NBC) "Unforgettable" (CBS), "Happyish" (Showtime), "The Americans" (FX), "American Odyssey" (NBC), "Law & Order" (NBC), and five seasons of "Primetime - What Would You Do?" (ABC). His feature film, The Judge, is available on Blu-Ray and features an all-star cast including Robert Downey, Jr., Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Billy Bob Thornton and others. Jeremy's feature The Ranger premiered at SXSW 2018 and will be available on DVD and VOD in 2019. Keep an eye out for his upcoming features Meet Me in a Happy Place (dir. Vlad Feier), Unintended (dir. Anja Murmann), Twelve (dir. Steve Grimaldi) and The Block Island Sound (dir. The McManus Brothers), and dir. Marshall Burnette's Untitled Farm Rescue Movie.

Le Tigre Tent

What is Le Tigre Grand? Le Tigre Grand is a theatre venue built in the spirit of the beautiful European Spiegeltents, but in miniature and with a very manageable footprint. The front wooden art deco facade has been hand made by world class artists and the interior is draped with hand-sewn fabrics. The 12’x12’ stage has a state of the art lights & sound system and a gorgeous proscenium. All 100 seats are close to the action giving the audience a feeling of connection to the performers. The craftsmanship and intimacy of Le Tigre Grand makes it a piece of art that you can walk into and experience performance in a different, more personal way.

Circa 2010! Le Tigre Grand has been touring the United States and New Zealand since 2010, setting up and entertaining audiences in diverse locations that have demanded unique needs. For instance, we have set up in historic parks in San Francisco, an empty parking lot in downtown New York City and on a wooden pier in Los Angeles. We are experienced with communicating with local fire marshals, city and park supervisors to ensure a safe, supportive environment for the performers, public and land.


Burlington Vermont's own samba street band is guaranteed to get you on your feet and moving to its pulsating carnaval rhythms. The huge sound of 20+ drummers playing our contagious brand of Afro-Brazilian percussion is irresistable to people of all ages.

Patterned after Brazilian Carnaval percussion orchestras with up to 300 musicians, Sambatucada!is a smaller scale version of the traditional community street bands found in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Smaller to fit the scale of our Vermont home, the band still produces a BIG sound!

Secret Circus

British super-Secret Circus agents, Honeymoon & Butterfly, are on a mission. Using their extremely high IQs, plunger arrows, and a huge stealth unicycle, their original comedy and "special" tricks are bound to save the day. The show is action-packed stunt-comedy for all ages.

The Puppet Guy

Lee Zimmerman, aka "The Puppet Guy," has been performing his rock and roll marionette show all over the world for more than 30 years. Some of the greatest names in the history of music come alive in a unique and amazing display of humor and skill. Lee was a regular performer at Universal Studios and The Improv in Hollywood and has appeared on dozens of TV shows and films, including "The Drew Carey Show" and the cult film, "Eddy Presley" with Quentin Tarantino.

Lee also entertained the cast and crew at the "Seinfeld" final wrap party and has done command performances for many celebrities and dignitaries such as the Sultan of Brunei, Hugh Hefner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zappa and Guns 'N' Roses. Since 1998, Lee has been a performer/instructor at numerous circus camps, including the Winnipeg International Children's Festival Circus and Magic Partnership, (CAMP) a circus arts program designed to help kids-at-risk. For Custom Gifts and Puppet Portraits

More About The Puppet Guy

Snap Boogie

This native of Boston, Massachusetts has been described as a "BEAST" on the dance floor, with a career that started by performing in the streets, to his impressive national debut, on NBC's "America's Got Talent" Season 6. He blew the minds of the audience and judges with his incredible high energy take no prisoners style. As his popularity grew, he landed a principal role in the movie "The Way Way Back", in 2013, and has been traveling the world ever since.

The name "Snap Boogie" was given to him by his late uncle; himself a former break dancer who passed the torch to his talented nephew. Now, Snap Boogie plans to continue building a legacy of entertaining people with dance and his irresistible charisma! With the vision and dream of one day having his own successful Broadway show, Snap Boogie's performance is a high energy combination of multidisciplinary dance, Popping (robot dance), break-dancing, tap dancing, audience participation, comedy, and crazy physical stunts. Similar to Snap Boogie's talent, his show is both versatile and limitless, ideal for both indoor or outdoor events.

Underground horns

Underground Horns is a Brooklyn based brass band playing Afro Funk Latin New Orleans grooves and beyond. AllAboutJazz called their 2009 debut record FUNK MONK "kick-ass dance music…that brushes up against psychedelia…with shots of funky brass juice."

YoYo Astronaut

There is a meteor headed towards earth and the Yo-Yo Astronaut is the only hope! John and Rebecca Higby have performed their unique high energy show in 27 countries over the past 25 years and hold 5 Guinness World Records.

Kids Zone

Located @ City Hall's Contois Center | Free for families and children. 12 - 3pm. Make your own Mardi Gras masks, beads, and hats. Face painting and balloon art


with opening band Mungion

Friday, March 29th at Nectars
$15 ADV • $20 DOS // 21+ // 9PM Doors

Proud to be firmly installed in the new-funk movement, KUNG FU is quickly popularizing their unique sonic contribution, blurring the line between intense electro-fusion, and blistering dance arrangements. Making fusion music "cool" again, the band draws on influences such as early Headhunters and Weather Report, and merges those ideas with a contemporary EDM informed sensibility. Imagine 70's funk-fusion meets a modern dance party!

Although the ensemble cast enjoys a seasoned pedigree that reads like a late-night summer festival all-star jam, this fledgling "nu-sion" project is growing a unique and rabid following by commanding audiences at theaters, clubs, and major national festivals since 2012.

The powerhouse quintet's live show has been described by critics and fans alike as "lethal funk", "explosive", "jaw dropping", and "musically mesmerizing". For the uninitiated, the experience is typically shocking yet the focus is simple: just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Kung Fu Features: Tim Palmieri (guitar & vocals), Robert Somerville (tenor sax & vocals), Beau Sasser (keyboards & vocals), Chris DeAngelis (bass guitar & vocals), Adrian Tramontano (drums/percussion)

Purchase tickets here


Friday, March 29th at Club Metronome
$10 // 21+ // 9PM Doors

During the early 2000s, guitarist/keyboardist Dan Balis and keyboardist Eugene Cho -- musicians who met while attending Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York -- produced and remixed house tracks for the Brique Rogue and Stay True labels. In June 2006, after opting to move closer to house music's disco roots, the two hatched Escort with "Starlight," a contemporary disco single that could have passed for a fresh take on a lost Skyy 12". Recorded with the assistance of several musicians, including vocalists Zena Kitt and Kemba Russell, the 12" release featured a dub mix from Metro Area's Darshan Jesrani.

Three additional singles followed over the next 12 months: "Love in Indigo" (October 2006), "A Bright New Life" (February 2007), and "All Through the Night" (May 2007). Their fifth single didn't materialize until three years later, and by that time, Balis and Cho's performing lineup had changed and expanded to a total of 17 musicians, including horn and string sections. "Cocaine Blues" (October 2012), also featured a new lead vocalist, Adeline Michele, and it served as a teaser for the band's first album, issued in November 2011. A handful of singles were self-released during 2013, 2014, and 2015 and led to Animal Nature, another album that showed off Escort's remarkable knack for fusing and updating several strands of post-disco R&B. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi

Purchase tickets here


Saturday, March 30th at Club Metronome
$10 // 21+ // 10PM Doors

From 2014 to 2017, Vundabar's Brandon Hagen cared for a loved one that had fallen into a debilitating state of mental and physical decline. For four years his sickness and the eventual loss that followed became the focal point of Hagen’s life as well as his family’s. It was the bell jar under which they lived. Hagen was fractured into two selves; one, largely insular, racked by grief and loss and the other putting it on, touring relentlessly and hoping to be as affable as possible lest he ruin the opportunities at hand. These were the fencings and borders he made for himself and for a time he let them stand. He presented a shell of charisma and withdrew into isolation and despair, convinced he was doing right by the old dogma of stoicism. He didn’t tell a soul out of shame and embarrassment; whose he didn’t know.

Unsurprisingly these two poles couldn’t stand for long. The tension bore down on Hagen’s skull until it felt something might break. It reared its ugly head from time to time. He became withdrawn, irritable and inactive and suffered more than one nervous break. It came to a point where he had to deal with it or it was going to deal with him.

In reflection Hagen realized the point that had led his loved one to a collapse and subsequent dissolution held parallels to his own. As a child, bereft of stability, he created a larger than life persona to live within. He buried his insecurities and traumas deep and kept them there for most of his adult life, until, unable to maintain the house on stilts he’d built for himself, he collapsed completely. And here Hagen was in the face of this loss, about to repeat the cycle.

Hagen wondered was this stoicism, this shame, this impasse even his own or had it been pressed upon him. From the earliest memories of boyhood he could recall one of the most integral attributes of male-ness being an ability to suppress emotion. Concealment was touted as a point of pride and here he watched as it leveled the one who held it in his hand.

'Smell Smoke', the band's anticipated 2018 follow up to their breakout 2015 album 'Gawk,' is an attempt at openness and vulnerability. It’s an attempt at unlearning. It’s a document of grief; a child crying into the dark.

Purchase tickets here


Saturday, March 30th at Magic Hat Brewery
FREE // 10AM - 1PM

Bonerama has always been hailed as “unlike anything you’ve ever heard before”.

It’s the best way to describe this 20 year old powerhouse touring band from New Orleans, LA. 
In addition to changing the way people think about the trombone, the sound of 
Bonerama has become an influence and contribution to the sound of New Orleans music today.
 With newer acts such as Trombone Shorty and Big Sam’s Funky Nation on the national music scene, it’s New Orleans that has benefited with a newfound reputation as being a bonafide “Trombone Town”. These bands all carry the trombone like the trophy it truly is in New Orleans. Bonerama helped cement this in present day New Orleans music culture.

The band has performed and recorded with countless national artists such as R.E.M., OK Go, Tom Morello, Wayne Kramer (MC5), Jill Sobule and so many more, all while bringing their distinctive sounds from New Orleans to a national spotlight. Festivals and events such as Monterey Jazz Fest to High Sierra Music Festival, Jam Cruise, Bear Creek Festival and of course the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival outline some of the extensive festival work this band is involved with. National television appearances on CBS (Late Show with David Letterman), HBO (Comic Relief, Treme) and CNN has further exposed Bonerama to a wide range of unsuspecting new viewers.

Free Show!

Kegs & Eggs

Saturday, March 30th at Magic Hat Brewery & Artifactory | 10AM - 1PM

Start your Magic Hat Mardi Gras day off right with a good base layer of Kegs & Eggs from 10am to 1pm at our brewery! That's right, we're hosting another epic brunch with our friends from Kountry Kart Deli, featuring live music from Bonerama!

KKD will be whipping up their world-famous Rise and Shiner breakfast sandwiches while 20+ beers flow inside The Artifactory. DJ Ryan Brown will spin inside The Artifactory while Bonerama plays INSIDE the brewery. Plus, free brewery tours!

To The #9's Mardi Gras Ball

Saturday, March 30th at City Call Contious Center | 8PM - 11PM

Join us from 8-11pm on March 30 for the To the #9s Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball!

The Contois Auditorium, inside Burlington's City Hall, will transform into a festive spectacle of costume, ale and Mardi Gras mystery. This funky, free-spirited, costume-friendly event will feature live music from the Dave Grippo Funk Band + surprise guest performances, rare and regular Magic Hat beers and tasty charcuterie.

Come as you are, come as you aren't, but defintely come dressed to the 9s. Doors open at 7:30 and the funk drops at 8!

Get your tickets here

Full Mardi Gras Schedule

Friday, March 29th

Kung Fu with Mungion at Nectars | 9:00 PM

Escort at Metronome | 9:00 PM

The Suspects (formerly The Growlers) at Red Square | 9:00 PM

Saturday, March 30th

Kegs & Eggs at Artifactory | 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Kid Zone Open @ Contois Auditorium inside City Hall | 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Big Nazo leads march from top block tent down Church Street | 1:30 PM

Street performers & Brass bands on Church Street | 1:45 PM – 7:00 PM

Big Nazo strolls Church Street | 1:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Piano Player (Sugar Cone) between every show | 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Le Tigre Tent Shows | 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Big Nazo Brass Balagan in front of City Hall | 7:00 PM – 7:45 PM

Big Ole Dirty Bucket at Ri Ra | 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

To The 9s Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball | Doors at 7:30 PM, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Vundabar at Metronome | 10:00 PM

Getting There

We are offering Free Shuttles with pick up from the bottom of church street (city hall) starting at 9:50am. Shuttles will run on a continuous loop, with the last shuttle departing from the brewery at 1:45PM.

Overflow parking will be located at the GE parking lot, and shuttles will run between there and the brewery until 2pm.

Shuttle Schedule from Bottom of Church Street to Brewery

First pick up will be on Church Street / City Hall at 9:50am and go on a continuous loop with the last drop off on Church Street at 2:00pm.

Shuttle Schedule from GE Parking Lot to the Magic Hat Brewery

First pick up will be from the GE Parking Lot at 9:50am and go on a continuous loop with the last drop off at the GE Parking Lot at 2:00pm.

Burlington Highschool Top of Church Street Shuttle Schedule

First pick up will be at Burlington Highschool at 12:00 pm and go on a continuous loop every half hour with the last drop off at Burlington Highscool at 7:20PM

Stay Tuned for more info!

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