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Magic Hat

Mardi Gras 2017

Thank You!

Thanks to all who braved the cold and came out to party with us at the 2017 Magic Hat Mardi Gras in Burlington, VT!

All events over Mardi Gras weekend served to bring awareness and support to the Vermont Foodbank. Over the years, Magic Hat Mardi Gras weekend has raised more than $250,000 for the Vermont community!

The icy avenues of downtown Burlington will momentarily melt to accommodate all comers, new and old, from here and afar. The Magic Hat Mardi Gras spreads its warming arms over three full days, and we urge you to come and experience everything Mardi Gras and Burlington have to offer. You can’t possibly experience the Burlington area’s entire splendor in just three days, so feel free to spend the entire week!

Splendor and glory are YOURS
if you can answer one riddle ...

When Were You Born?